Nemzetközi aláírásgyűjtés az elbocsátott magyar szakszervezetisek érdekében


A Labourstart kampányt indított a FKF-től a bértárgyalások alatt elbocsátott négy szakszervezeti vezető érdekében. A linkre kattintva egy e-mail küldésével fejezd ki tiltakozásodat és szolidaritásodat az elküldött tisztségviselőkkel!

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Flagrant violation of right to collective interest representation!

Four union leaders have been sacked during the wage negotiation round by the Fővárosi Közterület-fenntartó Nonprofit (FKF) Zrt (Capital Public Domain Maintenance Company).

Our colleagues are locked out of the union offices. Colleague András Király one of the sacked unionist is also president of the Municial Workers Union HVDSZ 2000.

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation MASZSZ stands on the side of our colleagues and undertakes all necessary action!

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A review on the future of work: robotics

This discussion paper has been drawn up by EU-OSHA after having submitted a review article[1] commissioned to Dr, Adjunct Professor Jari Kaivo-oja from the University of Turku School of Economics, University of Turku for discussion at a seminar with representatives of EU-OSHA’s network of Focal Points and the European Commission and where the participants were able to bring in their expertise.

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European workers demand a better & fairer #WorkLifeBalance

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Péter Pataky passed away

Former MSZOSZ president Péter Pataky passed away on September 4. 2016, at the age of 64.

He was a significant, integrating personality of the Hungarian trade union movement. Brought up in a worker family, in a multicultural environment, he was educated to be active in public life.

He started as public educator in one of the cultural centres of the Budapest before beginning to work for the trade union movement for over four decades. Throughout his working life Péter always placed the working man in the centre.

He could always find the word with his partners, representing workers’ interests with understanding, if necessary by conflicts.

He never was demagogic, he was driven by pure professionalism. In debates he only wanted to convince his partners, but never to defeat them. This was widely recognised by the negotiating partners, representing employers, or government.

For all this Péter was received with love and listened anywhere he went in Hungary, as adviser, trainer, MSZOSZ vice-president, and from 2006 as president. He was one of the initiators of the trade union merger leading to the foundation of MASZSZ, the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, to which he was elected as its first president, before his retirement last year.

Budapest, September 5. 2016.


Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

Magyar Szakszervezeti Szövetség



Dear Colleagues,
it is with great shock we leartned about the merciless, horrifying terrorist attack at Istanbul Airport.

We expree our sincere condolences and grief on this occasiojn witjh the families, colleagues of the victims.
We join all those who call for unity in defending our common values and principles in solidarity, determination for peace. The international community must undertake effective efforts to stop terrorism and eliminate the root causes, by bringing peace, democracy, respect for human rights and sustainable development in the region.

Sincerely yours,
Kordás László

The five Hungarian trade union confederation discussed the ILO Future of Work Initiative today

Not waiting for the government to materialise its commitment to Guy Ryder, we did the first step - with support of FES and ILO Budapest team.
Unions will focus on
-decent work and decent wages for all
-to eliminate the phenomena of working poor
-tabling meaningful proposals on new forms of employment
-democratic public education and professional training
-to make real citizens
-effective collective rights - right to freedom of association, right to representation, defence of union representatives and the real right to strike
-meaningful social pertnership, social dialogue - tripartism

All these to allow for a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY!!!


International Women's Day

We must break the glass walls. Women are overrepresented in occupations that offer lower wages than jobs predominantly carried out by men, which mainly explains the average 16% gender pay gap across Europe. More should be done to enable women to enter, stay and progress in occupations that are male-dominated. At the same time wages and conditions need to be improved in female dominated sectors.




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